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GLCM code result in Artificial Neural Network(ANN) is bad . Why can it be?

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Ali Zulfikaroglu
Ali Zulfikaroglu on 26 Jan 2021
I have mammogram image. I am making segmentation for detecting tumor firstly and then I am using glcm codes for feature extraction process on that tumor. Codes are working but ANN result is so bad.
I tried also in matlab own ANN application , the result is bad also there. What can be wrong or is there any else code to give good result ?
GLCM function is added to attachment and working code is in here .
GLCM2 = graycomatrix(I,'Offset',[2 0;0 2;-2 0;-2 2]);
stats1a = GLCM_Features4(GLCM2,0);

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