How to position a table within a figure?

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Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne on 30 Jan 2021
Answered: dpb on 30 Jan 2021
I'm trying to position a table within a figure however the defult table posiiton properties do not match with the cell size and hides some of the data.
This is the current solution I am using however it's not efficent as i've had to check mutliple times on the pixel location and edit.
f1 = uifigure;
f1.WindowState = 'fullscreen';
t1 = uitable(f1,'data',data,'ColumnName',colnames);
t1.Position = [100 150 350 200]
Is there a way to position the table in a spcefic location based on teh figure window? For example, the centre or other set locations of the figure?

Answers (1)

dpb on 30 Jan 2021
You can retrieve the figure position vector from which you can get the width and height of the figure (3rd and 4th elements, respectively). You could then adjust the table position and size based on those; the position of the table begins at [0,0] in lower left corner of the figure.


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