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There is an antenna module module = dipoleCrossed (Antenna Toolbox) and its pattern ('efield')
After that, I create the URA (Phased Array System Toolbox), the elements of which I assign to module.
When you build a pattern of the antenna array takes its normalization in spite of what is stated ...'Type','field','Normalize', false... The problem is that the normalization occurs on the value that is calculated by the "closed method" maxresp = getMaxResponse (obj,freq) in .../Polyspace/R2020b/toolbox/phased/phased/+phased/+internal/AntennaAdapter. m, where freq is the frequency and obj is phased.internal.AntennaAdapter that has an obj.Antenna, which is actually equal to dipoleCrossed.
According to the results of this method, the resulting maxresp value does not correspond to any of the values that can be obtained via [power_M] = pattern (module, freq,-180:180,-90:90,'CoordinateSystem', 'polar','Type','efield',"Polarization", "Combined",'Normalize', false)
The task is to build a radiation pattern of the antenna array in the same dimension as the radiation pattern of the module.
Thanks. Sorry for my English

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