GlobalSearch - Does a non-default number of trial points stop the effect of the maxTime option?

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I am using GlobalSearch() to find an optimum of a solution of odes in fmincon. The functions in fmincon have many input variables with upper and lower bounds each. That's why I would like to increase the number of trial points from the default value of 1000 to maybe 5000. With 1000 trial points, a minimum often can be found withut exceeding the maxTime (e.g. 1 h = 3600 s). But sometimes GlobalSearch exceeds the maxTime and is then stopped accordingly after the current fmincon run. That is desired behaviour.
When I change the number of Trial Points to 5000 with a maxTime of e.g. 1 h the maxTime option doesnt seem to stop GlobalSearch anymore, when one hour is exceeded.
Did I misunderstand the use of Trial Points or is this a bug?
Thanks in advance!

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