Creating latex formulas in Live Script (without an editor).

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You need to display the entire formula, but the final result does not match the expected result.
Here's what happens:
Here's how it should be:
Please tell me the solution. Thanks.
syms E_vec_dot_i;
Ei = E_vec_dot_i
qw= Ei==vE_i

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Feb 2021
You cannot get that requested output directly from the Symbolic Toolbox in Live Script. The only time the Symbolic Toolbox is willing to output name = ARRAY is if you display() a variable, the way you display vE_i to the command line. However in such cases, the Symbolic Toolbox will not pretty-print the variable name -- notice that you got vE_i on the display, not
You might be able to generate the relevant latex using latex(vE_i) and appropriate other latex() for the left side. Unfortunately, Live Script does not offer any facility to render calculated latex.


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