Using spline or interp1 to time normalise joint angle data

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I am trying to time normalise various GRF and joint data to 101 points to comeapre phases that are of unequal lengths.
I have two methods of time normalising the data however could someone please help to elabortae on which method is more correct.
Method 1:
RKneeAngle % Test data
RKneeAngleTN = interp1(1:numel(RKneeAngle), RKneeAngle, linspace(1, numel(RKneeAngle), 101)');
Method 2:
[rows, columns] = size(RKneeAngle);
SampleStep = linspace(1,rows,101);
RKneeAngleTN = zeros(101,columns);
for ii = 1:101
for mm = 1:columns
RKneeAngle(ii,mm) = spline(RKneeAngle(:,mm),SampleStep(ii));
Both methods produce very similar results however I would like to know which would be prefered in this case and possibly why.
Thanks for any clarification

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