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Analyzing file dependencies warning when using "sh_stockf​luidproper​ties"

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Van General
Van General on 9 Mar 2021
Edited: Van General on 9 Mar 2021
Dear MatLab users!
I'm using in my project some liquid properties that supplying with "sh_stockfluidproperties" structure array. The program is working properly when I run it from "App Designer". But when I use "mcc" for standalone compiling I receive this message:
Preparing Runtime...
mcc -o Liquids_vR03 -W 'WinMain:Liquids_vR03,version=0.3' ...
Compiler version: 8.1 (R2020b)
Analyzing file dependencies.
Warning: In "D:\Work\Viscosity_vR03\Liquid_vR03.mlapp", "sh_stockfluidproperties" are excluded from packaging for the MATLAB Runtime environment according to the MATLAB Compiler license. Either remove the file or function from your code, or use the MATLAB function "isdeployed" to ensure the function is not invoked in the deployed component.
mcc failed.
But I can not stop using of stockfluidproperties cause its heart of my programm... Who knows how to solve that? Thanx for advice.

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