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How to detect a curve (surface roughness) from image?

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I am working with a stack of 2D projections from X-ray microCT. I am going to find the coordinates of surface roughnesses curvature on 2D images and then extend it to 3D to have a cloud of points.
Images are like this:
I used "edge" function with different methods, but the results are not perfect, there are some separated lines and noises. I appreicate any better solution for this purpose and how can I get the coordinates of the detected curve? I assume then I have to apply a loop to get the results for the whole volume.
Thank you in advance for your help/comments.

Accepted Answer

darova on 4 Apr 2021
Edited: darova on 4 Apr 2021
  • binarize image first
  • remove noise using bwareaopen
  • use edge
  • remove noise if needed using bwareaopen
Sepehr Simaafrookhteh
Sepehr Simaafrookhteh on 17 Apr 2021
Thank you darova. You really helped me with your hints.

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