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UITable Presentation (Columns/ Rows)

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Jose Santos
Jose Santos on 14 May 2021
Commented: dpb on 14 May 2021
I am using app designer and on a UI Table I would like that the table would work "transposed". E.g The parameters would be on the rows and the new entries would be added on new collumns. This would show the data in a more natural way for this application and I have more lateral space (in X direction) on the GUI than vertical space ( in Y direction).
Is there any way to make the table and then just present it "transposed", with the rows in the place of the columns? Even if only visually...
dpb on 14 May 2021
I've not searched whether there's a Windows GUI object of the sort at all -- unless there is, the likelihood of anything being implemented is, I would venture, essentially zero. If there's a COM/ACTIVE X component out there in the wild somewhere, it would be at least theoretically possible to build a DLL to use it, but still undoubtedly a lot of work.

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