Body motion in SimMechanics 2nd Gen

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B on 25 Jul 2013
Answered: Steve Miller on 8 Mar 2018
hi, in simmechanics 1st gen you can easily actuate or move a rigid body using body motion block and then you can also use body sensor to sens your movement, but in 2nd gen these blocks are gone. how can i move and sense a rigid body in 2nd gen? i tried using external force and torque block but i keep getting an error that says your block is connected to a world frame and it has no effect! thanks

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 8 Mar 2018
Motion actuation for joints was added to Simscape Multibody Second Generation Technology in R2013b.
The error you encountered with the External Force and Torque block can be eliminated if you disable the diagnostic in the Configuration Panel.

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