How can I make a slope on the image as marked manually with the red automatically.

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kanika bhalla
kanika bhalla on 19 May 2021
Commented: kanika bhalla on 19 May 2021
Hello, I am struggling to draw a slope or line over image. For your reference I have drawn that slope manually using imline function in matlab. But I want to draw the same automatically. I need to find the coordinate points automatically to make the line.
Can you please help me out. Any help is much appreciated.
I have added two images such as manual and manually marked slope or line highlighted with red below.
Thank you!!!
kanika bhalla
kanika bhalla on 19 May 2021
Sorry for the convenience.
I tried to explain my problem in the previous post too.
I am working on the Automated optical inspection of images. I have to do laser cutting of teh defect part present on the data lines. And I am badly stuck on this part that how to draw line automatically over image. If you can share any idea with me it would be really helpful for me.
Thank you for your time.

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