Carrier frequency in FFT is missing

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Meikel Vollmers
Meikel Vollmers on 19 May 2021
Commented: Star Strider on 19 May 2021
for SVPWM i compare a sine to a triangle. This is what is looks like:
As it can be seen, my carrier frequency is 7kHz. Now when i do an FFT of my voltage output signal, the carrier frequency is missing. I found publications, where the result is equal to my but i know, the carrier frequency must be found in the FFT analysis. I attached my signal data, here is my FFT code:
SteadyState = 350000;
f1 =;
g1 = hann(length(f1)).*f1;
vac_fenstera_Nfft = length(g1);
J = fft(g1);
vac_fenstera_sfft = 4*abs(J)/vac_fenstera_Nfft;
My FFT looks like this:
So i can see the sidebands next to the carrier frequency (f1 = fc - 2*fsine, f2 = fc + 2*fsine, i guess that is right?).
But the question: why is there no peak at my carrier frequency??
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 19 May 2021
Meikel Vollmers later expanded on this in another Comment —
What im actually doing is to compare the sinusoidal with the triangle (Sine minus carrier). If the carrier (triangle) is lower than the sine, the upper IGBT of my 3-Phase inverter is turned on, if its greater the upper IGBT is turned off. The Data i attached is the measure Phase Voltage of my Motor. So i cant see something in common to the modulate functions.
The function that im applying the fft looks like this

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