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textscan does not output more than 4 decimal digits

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I have a comma delimited file and trying to read it using textscan
2011.02.25 8:04 1.38273 1.38309 1.38269 1.38307 71
fid = fopen(fullname);
out = textscan(fid, '%s %s %f %f %f %f %f %f', 'delimiter', ',', 'MultipleDelimsAsOne', 1);
However it always outputs me 4 decimal digits not 5 as in file even if i use format like e.g. %7.5f where it sholud output 5 digits
Any idea ??

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 30 May 2011 for additional resource next time look in the list of links.

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 30 May 2011
You're being fooled by the display format. Type in the command line (or access the var from the var editor):
format long

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