I am looking for drawingmesh

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Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 9 Jun 2021
Commented: hussam shadoud on 23 Mar 2022
Anyone know of the existence of a matlab routine named drawingmesh?
守山 鹿
守山 鹿 on 25 Sep 2021
Dear Ken Bannister, Thank you very much for your reply ,and let me know the way to download the missing code. However, when I logged on to the book publisher's website, I found that the website can only download the product flyer and high-resolution cover, and I could not find the download link of the missing code. As you know,the missing code is very important to understand the content of this book, and I really need it. Could you please share the missing code with me, and send me the missing code which download from the book publisher's website, my email address is 2433597104@qq.com , thank you again,wish you have a nice day and good work!

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 9 Jun 2021
You must get that function with the below book:
hussam shadoud
hussam shadoud on 23 Mar 2022
Thank you with all my heart Mr. Walter Roberson, your help has been very helpful

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