displaying contents while entering in text box only not after pressing enter key

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i have a text box if i type a then a should be displayed without pressing the enter key
similarly if i type ab then ab should be displayed without pressing the enter key
how do i write callback for this
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Aug 2013
If you use GUIDE and double click your text edit box you'll bring up the property inspector. In there you'll see a callback for the key press function. Click the icon for that to go to the code for that. In there, get the text from the edit box and do something with it, such as display it in a static text label:
editTextString = get(handles.editText, 'String');
set(handles.staticText, 'String', editTextString);

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Jan on 30 Aug 2013
This seems like the standard for uicontrol of type edit. Please explain exactly, what you mean by "text box".
Perhaps you mean a text object (see "help text"), which is updated by the WindowsKeyPressFcn, which is a property of the parent figure.


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