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R2020b Matlab Editor is running very slow

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Mostafa Abotaleb
Mostafa Abotaleb on 22 Jul 2021
Edited: dpb on 24 Jul 2021
Good day everyone,
Please, I wish if someone can kindly help me to solve the following problem. I wrote the code in the attached file on Matlab R2020a to generate a trapezoidal wave, then analyze it , it was running perfectly, then suddenly when I started to run the code, it sarted to take an extemely long time to finsh the running process. I tried to check if the problem is from my lap top, that's why, I ran the same code on another lap top with a different matlab version R2017b , however the result was the same and the running time can be up to two or three hours. I wish if someone can kindly offer some help as soon as possible .
Thank you so much .
dpb on 24 Jul 2021
Maybe what you're looking for instead of round or fix is ceil...but it's not clear just what the intent is/what the problem is that you're trying to cure.

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