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Constrained Multi objective optimization for energy dispatch with MOPSO or other EA

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MH Nozari
MH Nozari on 24 Jul 2021
Dear All,
As a begineer in optimization problems, i am trying to write a code to solve an optimum dispatch problem. I have lots of variables including equipment powers, different storages(charge-discharge-state of charge) and etc. I tried to solve the problem in a one year time horizon ( so many variables!!) with MOPSO. The main problem is that the energy balance constraint is not checked at each step becuase variables are guessed one after another and at final step i have all varibles (a created scenario, to check the objectives). this is what i have done:
i defined a vector x in which i have defined the MAX and MIN margines and technology constraint of each variable. Thus, MOPSO would start setting values to variables one by one in series (for all time steps). As a result, i can not check the general energy balance constraint at each step. I tried to set a violation at final step (when complete scenario is made) but it doesnt work, it seems due the the multi objective nature.
please help me if you have any similar experience.

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