I'm not getting an expected temperature/pressure output from cooling a 600 [F] copper object [FEEDBACK REQUEST]

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AJ Purvis
AJ Purvis on 27 Jul 2021
Answered: Yifeng Tang on 30 Jul 2021
Context: A hot metal object has a hose coiled around it so that refrigerant passing through can carry the heat away. I have the object set to a constant value of 600 [F] using the Temperature Source Node. I have included all the specifics of each node in the picture below.
Issue: I can't seem to get a reasonable output using this configuration. If you look at the scopes for Inlet Temp and Outlet Temp, you can see they both have some initial variation, but they both reach steady state at about 288.15 [K]. The reservior on the inlet side is set to 59 F (or ~288K) so the first scope looks correct. However, at the outlet of the pipe I should be seeing a large temperature change as it should be obsorbing the heat from the copper.
Your help getting to the bottom of this is GREATLY appreciated - I'm more stumped than Paul Bunyan's local forest.
If you're reading this @ Yifeng Tang, I appologize for spamming this question board. I am close to finishing this project and it be a test to see if Simscape will be a good program to use for a variety of other projects.

Accepted Answer

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 30 Jul 2021
Looks like the convective coefficient was too small. Also, since the pipe has a wall model for heat transfer, you may not need the convective block anyway.

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