Unable to find the location of the pixel with the minimum gray level

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I want to find the location of the pixel in the image which has the minimum gray level. I tried the code below. But it gives me the coordinates of more than one pixel. What I need is to find the location of one pixel that has the minimum gray level. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
minValue = min(I(:))
[row, column] = find(I == minValue);

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 28 Jul 2021
A quick guess. Maybe there are more than one minimum? Then you need to decide. Maybe anyone is good enough?
DGM on 29 Jul 2021
If any one minimal point is sufficient, then how about the first?
[row, column] = find(I == minValue,1,'first');
I'm not really sure how you intend to use it, but that's one way.

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