How to create a stacked bar out of two separate bar charts (Datasets)?

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Hi everyone,
I have two 5x6 data available. At the moment, it is being plotted as the following but how can I make them stacked?
Right now I am concating data using > Concat = [Data1;Data2] and then I use > bar(Concat). It does not work with bar(concat, 'stacked') I tried to concat them using horizontal version but that does not work too.
Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack on 4 Aug 2021
Edited: Wolfgang McCormack on 4 Aug 2021
@Simon Chan oh that's exactly what I wanted, could you please tell me how you did that? Thank you
by the way, is ther eany option to keep the color scheme the same as in my chart?

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Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 4 Aug 2021
You may try the following code, but noticed that the XTick is not consistent with your data since there are additional dummy data.
Data1 = round(100*rand(5,6)); % Your data Data1
Data2 = round(100*rand(5,6)); % Your data Data2
dummy = zeros(5,6); % Dummy data
Data1_extend = vertcat(Data1,dummy);
Data2_extend = vertcat(Data2,dummy);
Data_combine = horzcat(Data1_extend(:), Data2_extend(:));
f = gcf;
f.Children.XTick=''; % Remove XTick
Not good at setting colors on bar chart, may be someone provide the solution about that.
Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack on 4 Aug 2021
@Simon Chan yes I just copy and pasted yours and tried to run it to see what you mean by xtick :D

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