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Operator '+' is not supported for operands of type '​aphics.pri​mitive.Ima​ge'

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Md Shahidul Islam
Md Shahidul Islam on 14 Aug 2021
Commented: Md Shahidul Islam on 14 Aug 2021
I try to append image from tvec_json to 'tvec' array but I face this problem. Please anyone help. Here is my code below:
input_name = "output_wp2camera.json";
raw = fileread(input_name);
input_params = jsondecode(raw);
camera_matrix = input_params.camera_matrix;
dist = input_params.dist_coefs;
tvec_json = input_params.translational_vectors;
rvec_json = input_params.rotational_vectors;
tvec = [];
rvec = [];
len = length(tvec_json);
for i = 1:len
tvec.append(array(tvec_json(image + string(i))))
rvec.append(array(rvec_json(image + string(i))))

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Aug 2021
You did not assign a value to a variable named image, so image is being found as a function. Your line
tvec.append(array(tvec_json(image + string(i))))
is equivalent to
tvec.append(array(tvec_json(image() + string(i))))
We recommend that you avoid using image as the name of a variable to prevent running into this kind of problem.

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