How to scale up the motion in Simmechanics visualization window?

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When I animate my model in the simmechanics visualization window, I can barely see the motion due to the small amplitudes.
Is it possible, to scale up the amplitudes in the animation itself?
Looking forward to your answer,
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N/A on 17 Oct 2013
Hi David. Can you tell us what you mean by scaling amplitudes? One way to enhance visualization for small displacements is by zooming in on the model. Can you tell us more about your model, e.g., what system it represents, the scale of the system, and the scale of the displacements?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Jun 2021
Hi David,
What is shown in the Mechanics Explorer is the exact representation of what happened in your physical system. If you want to exaggerate certain motions, you would need to add that to the model yourself. One way of doing that is to add some additional visual elements (bricks, CAD parts, etc.) and motion actuate those visual elements with a signal that scales up the actual motions in the model.

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