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Where do I find the Serial Number for my MATLAB & Simulink Student Version?

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I am trying to activate my installation of MATLAB Student and I need to know where to find the Serial Number or Activation Key.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 14 Oct 2016
Edited: John Kelly on 17 Jan 2018
Once the software has been associated with your MathWorks Account, you can view your serial number/activation key in the License Center.
To retrieve your Serial Number/Activation Key:
1. Log into your MathWorks Account
2. Click on your MATLAB Student Version license number.
3. Navigate to the "Install and Activate" tab.
4. Your Serial Number will be listed under the "Step 3" heading.
If you bought MATLAB Student R2008b or newer from our webstore, your serial number was originally sent in an order confirmation email to the email address you used to order the software The serial number is also available in the order detail page within your MathWorks Account at the link below:
Note: In order to view your serial number, you will need to click the applicable order number, and the serial number will be visible near the bottom of the subsequent screen.
If you bought the MATLAB installation disc from some place other than our web store (or it is for version R2007a or earlier), the serial number for your student version of MATLAB, including group version, can be found on the sleeve of the installation CD or DVD.


Rik on 5 Aug 2018
I seem to be able to download and install R2012a (Windows, student version) without any apparent license problems (unlike R2012b), however, the serial number I find in my license info is too long to fit in the setup. I appear not to be alone in my question. Should I contact customer service to get this shorter serial number, as suggested in this Staff Answer?
I tried skipping the last digit from each group, which then resulted in an error (-1.002) at the next step saying that my account is not a student account (although an all 0 number had the same result). This message box suggested contacting support as well.

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Stephen Amoah-Adjei
Stephen Amoah-Adjei on 14 Dec 2017
DISK_SERIAL_NUM=646dff9a is my disk serial number but my disk is lost, how to i retrieve my license key?


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Ignazio Cavarretta
Ignazio Cavarretta on 15 Sep 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2018
I am currently in Italy and I want to activate matlab in my laptop. I hold a cd driver in London, serial number known, which I bought years ago during my PhD studies at Imperial College London. Can you advise on how I can proceed?
Thanks Ignazio Cavarretta


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2018
As long as you are still using the same Mathworks account, you can if necessary force Mathworks to deactivate the existing activated computer so that you can activate on the laptop. If this is of interest then in the search box search for
force deactivate
And look for the Answer posted by Mathworks Support

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