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Is there an example Infineon TriCore TC1782 target for Embedded Coder and Simulink using the Altium TASKING IDE?

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I am interested in generating code using Embedded Coder that can be embedded on the Infineon TC1782 processor.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 17 May 2011
A demo kit containing example models, code generation files, and an instruction guide on generating code for the Infineon TC1782 processor using the Altium TASKING IDE can be found in the Related Documents section of this solution. The instruction guide explains the steps needed to run the demo that shows how to generate code for the processor, compile the C code, and run the executable on a TC1782 processor simulator.
The demo kit was tested with Altium TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore and PCP v3.3r1.
The intent of the demo kit is to provide a working example that end users can use as a base to create their own target solution using Embedded Coder and its PIL APIs shown below:
If you have questions on this solution or desire additional support, please e-mail:
Note: This solution uses several third-party products to compile and execute the code. Please contact the third-party vendors with questions or information on how to obtain the third-party products.
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Adil Murtaza Zuberi
Adil Murtaza Zuberi on 3 May 2019
I am using the Matlab 2017b with 64-bit OS.
I need to generate code for TriCore TC39x. I have installed Altium Tasking IDE v6.2.
Can you please guide how would Matlab generate code for Tasking or how can the IDE be linked to Matlab. Toolchain is missing.
The attached Demo Code for TriCode doesn't work on MATLAB 2011a onwards.
Best regards,

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Luke Halberstadt
Luke Halberstadt on 7 May 2019
Unfortunately, there is no longer a support package for the Altium Tasking toolchain. Please visit the following link for updated information about the use of the Altium Tasking toolchain with Embedded Coder.
Excerpt from the link above:
"MathWorks does not offer an Embedded Coder Hardware Support Package for the devices listed on this page. Third Party Connection hardware and software products may exist, and MathWorks Consulting Services is available to aid with hardware integrations."

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