Problem 2100. distance to a straight line (2D) given any 2 distinct points on this straight line

Solution 2276990

Submitted on 13 May 2020 by Karl Ezra Pilario
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
p1=[-1;0]; p2=[2;3]; pe=[-2;0]; d=round(1e+6*dist2line(p1,p2,pe))/1e+6; assert(isequal(d,7.071070e-01))

2   Pass
p1=[-1;0]; p2=[2;3]; pe=[-0.8;0.1]; d=round(1e+6*dist2line(p1,p2,pe))/1e+6; assert(isequal(d,7.071100e-02))

3   Pass
p1=[-1;0]; p2=[2;3]; pe=[0;0.9]; d=round(1e+6*dist2line(p1,p2,pe))/1e+6; assert(isequal(d,7.071100e-02))

4   Pass
p1=[0;-1]; p2=[0;1]; pe=[-pi;100]; d=round(1e+6*dist2line(p1,p2,pe))/1e+6; assert(isequal(d,3.141593))

5   Pass
p1=[-1;0]; p2=[2;3]; pe=[0;1]; d=round(1e+6*dist2line(p1,p2,pe))/1e+6; assert(isequal(d,0))

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