Problem 42936. Project Euler: Problem 11, Largest product in a grid

Solution 4448532

Submitted on 25 Dec 2020 by Benedict Goodman
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
md5.update(typecast(uint64(PE11(magic(10),4)),'uint8')) assert(isequal(sprintf('%02X',typecast(md5.digest,'uint8')),... '9260342934CE67F6A3E74F7EF9001460'))

2   Pass
md5.update(typecast(uint64(PE11(randi(20,100),10)),'uint8')) assert(isequal(sprintf('%02X',typecast(md5.digest,'uint8')),... '20F511AE2F0B0670E5B587DA93EC29D3'))

3   Pass
md5.update(typecast(uint64(PE11(randi(30,1000),10)),'uint8')) assert(isequal(sprintf('%02X',typecast(md5.digest,'uint8')),... 'C0C7E4AEAD3242DBAB38472C6349F233'))

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