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Start: October 03, 2022

End:   October 30, 2022

Cody 10th Anniversary Contest

2. Play. Two ways to win:

Overall contest: Build a streak of solving at least one problem a day. How it works

Weekly prizes: Three players who solve the most problems during the week win prizes.

3. Win prizes!

Gift cards ($10 - $200) and T-shirts

Build a streak of solving at least one problem a day. Weekend days count.

The players with the ten longest streaks during the contest win prizes. Tie-Breaker: Most problems solved during contest.

For the contest, you can choose any Cody problem to solve. See Cody's Problem Groups and Problems

Recent Activity

Theodor Mounga submitted Solution 9140025 to Problem 6. Select every other element of a vector

6 minutes ago

malki adil submitted Solution 9140020 to Problem 152. Create a cell array out of a struct

11 minutes ago

Sourabh Warrier submitted a Comment to Problem 56030. Pay up

The tests cases for this problem will be refreshed occasionally. This is to protect the integrity of legitimate solvers. Only solutions that actually address the problem will be remain unaffected. Bypassing the problem by brute forcing the test suite will be flagged as a hack.

15 minutes ago

Sourabh Warrier received Commenter badge for Problem 56030. Pay up

15 minutes ago

Lucia Chebi Anguntugsiri submitted Solution 9140005 to Problem 50867. Draw a '1' in a zero matrix!

16 minutes ago

Robin submitted Solution 9140000 to Problem 174. Roll the Dice!

18 minutes ago

Robin submitted Solution 9139955 to Problem 247. Arrange Vector in descending order

26 minutes ago

jf d submitted Solution 9139940 to Problem 10. Determine whether a vector is monotonically increasing

29 minutes ago

Sourabh Warrier received Leader badge for Solution 9102895

32 minutes ago

Robin submitted Solution 9139900 to Problem 1035. Generate a vector like 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4

32 minutes ago