Solution 171263

Submitted on 1 Dec 2012 by Amin Bashi
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
1 %% x = 'Hello World!'; y_correct = 'Ifmmp Xpsme!'; assert(isequal(si(x),y_correct)) 2 %% x = 'Can I help you?'; y_correct = 'Dbo J ifmq zpv?'; assert(isequal(si(x),y_correct)) 3 %% x = 'Mary had a liitle lamb.'; y_correct = 'Nbsz ibe b mjjumf mbnc.'; assert(isequal(si(x),y_correct))

ans = 1 s = Ifmmp Xpsme! ans = 2 s = Dbo J ifmq zpv? ans = 3 s = Nbsz ibe b mjjumf mbnc.

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