Problem 1902. GJam 2014 China Rd A: Read Phone Number (Large)

Solution 1589627

Submitted on 23 Jul 2018 by Binbin Qi
This solution is locked. To view this solution, you need to provide a solution of the same size or smaller.

Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
tic zstr='0000000000'; zv=[10 ]; vexp='decuple zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

2   Pass
zstr='1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111'; zv=[1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ]; vexp='one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

3   Pass
zstr='1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111'; zv=[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ]; vexp='one double one triple one quadruple one quintuple one sextuple one septuple one octuple one nonuple one decuple one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

4   Pass
zstr='6701604014038409645317871541814818042765712319652041768196456846465134589785405932716870450845696942'; zv=[18 53 27 2 ]; vexp='six seven zero one six zero four zero one four zero three eight four zero nine six four five three one seven eight seven one five four one eight one four eight one eight zero four two seven six five seven one two three one nine six five two zero four one seven six eight one nine six four five six eight four six four six five one three four five eight nine seven eight five four zero five nine three two seven one six eight seven zero four five zero eight four five six nine six nine four two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

5   Pass
zstr='7948353719781965623468317824953101456187089254894578076436069073736717501261569457261541306241739435'; zv=[67 24 2 7 ]; vexp='seven nine four eight three five three seven one nine seven eight one nine six five six two three four six eight three one seven eight two four nine five three one zero one four five six one eight seven zero eight nine two five four eight nine four five seven eight zero seven six four three six zero six nine zero seven three seven three six seven one seven five zero one two six one five six nine four five seven two six one five four one three zero six two four one seven three nine four three five'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

6   Pass
zstr='4278368013428262027948460184086902458706181428387549853031942964639495026306271567618562640383239305'; zv=[99 1 ]; vexp='four two seven eight three six eight zero one three four two eight two six two zero two seven nine four eight four six zero one eight four zero eight six nine zero two four five eight seven zero six one eight one four two eight three eight seven five four nine eight five three zero three one nine four two nine six four six three nine four nine five zero two six three zero six two seven one five six seven six one eight five six two six four zero three eight three two three nine three zero five'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

7   Pass
zstr='9464820841980697178401716583034690432403485084358767843859195212565106243810816790591659815789420929'; zv=[23 54 6 3 12 2 ]; vexp='nine four six four eight two zero eight four one nine eight zero six nine seven one seven eight four zero one seven one six five eight three zero three four six nine zero four three two four zero three four eight five zero eight four three five eight seven six seven eight four three eight five nine one nine five two one two five six five one zero six two four three eight one zero eight one six seven nine zero five nine one six five nine eight one five seven eight nine four two zero nine two nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

8   Pass
zstr='1239417614204605186382638961928216123515856310156537949350505058426185417564013152480630168120385902'; zv=[9 20 68 3 ]; vexp='one two three nine four one seven six one four two zero four six zero five one eight six three eight two six three eight nine six one nine two eight two one six one two three five one five eight five six three one zero one five six five three seven nine four nine three five zero five zero five zero five eight four two six one eight five four one seven five six four zero one three one five two four eight zero six three zero one six eight one two zero three eight five nine zero two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

9   Pass
zstr='5705658716138187897089238034926826854932909071213569698472175680807126039351827987289593273256549721'; zv=[23 49 6 21 1 ]; vexp='five seven zero five six five eight seven one six one three eight one eight seven eight nine seven zero eight nine two three eight zero three four nine two six eight two six eight five four nine three two nine zero nine zero seven one two one three five six nine six nine eight four seven two one seven five six eight zero eight zero seven one two six zero three nine three five one eight two seven nine eight seven two eight nine five nine three two seven three two five six five four nine seven two one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

10   Pass
zstr='5496587298081832124197901212051639570370452063174067189290683532890857290152921651676725291709858268'; zv=[84 12 1 1 2 ]; vexp='five four nine six five eight seven two nine eight zero eight one eight three two one two four one nine seven nine zero one two one two zero five one six three nine five seven zero three seven zero four five two zero six three one seven four zero six seven one eight nine two nine zero six eight three five three two eight nine zero eight five seven two nine zero one five two nine two one six five one six seven six seven two five two nine one seven zero nine eight five eight two six eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

11   Pass
zstr='6046727253505468724903978269465059754529308478929632170216741630304035454232162816186394257019613649'; zv=[21 13 16 7 19 17 7 ]; vexp='six zero four six seven two seven two five three five zero five four six eight seven two four nine zero three nine seven eight two six nine four six five zero five nine seven five four five two nine three zero eight four seven eight nine two nine six three two one seven zero two one six seven four one six three zero three zero four zero three five four five four two three two one six two eight one six one eight six three nine four two five seven zero one nine six one three six four nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

12   Pass
zstr='9709324183067148146829125827086805141425714050976780595295963087561738097976891946025083503270131874'; zv=[19 40 15 25 1 ]; vexp='nine seven zero nine three two four one eight three zero six seven one four eight one four six eight two nine one two five eight two seven zero eight six eight zero five one four one four two five seven one four zero five zero nine seven six seven eight zero five nine five two nine five nine six three zero eight seven five six one seven three eight zero nine seven nine seven six eight nine one nine four six zero two five zero eight three five zero three two seven zero one three one eight seven four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

13   Pass
zstr='5935294040195821091284183159414635231362074061646489573631084519431981565623091096745285242356956132'; zv=[49 2 47 2 ]; vexp='five nine three five two nine four zero four zero one nine five eight two one zero nine one two eight four one eight three one five nine four one four six three five two three one three six two zero seven four zero six one six four six four eight nine five seven three six three one zero eight four five one nine four three one nine eight one five six five six two three zero nine one zero nine six seven four five two eight five two four two three five six nine five six one three two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

14   Pass
zstr='68420979858341861054645438226544'; zv=[9 14 9 ]; vexp='six eight four two zero nine seven nine eight five eight three four one eight six one zero five four six four five four three eight double two six five double four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

15   Pass
zstr='95673537815030404160202058788558325698592015367995915420'; zv=[3 12 11 12 7 10 1 ]; vexp='nine five six seven three five three seven eight one five zero three zero four zero four one six zero two zero two zero five eight seven double eight double five eight three two five six nine eight five nine two zero one five three six seven double nine five nine one five four two zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

16   Pass
zstr='2917155597708068980673145819211425430909609607407685919790633007543533613'; zv=[8 4 12 5 15 4 8 12 5 ]; vexp='two nine one seven one triple five nine double seven zero eight zero six eight nine eight zero six seven three one four five eight one nine two double one four two five four three zero nine zero nine six zero nine six zero seven four zero seven six eight five nine one nine seven nine zero six double three double zero seven five four three five double three six one three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

17   Pass
zstr='7898081583437702364634490213008907725195448'; zv=[10 12 6 12 2 1 ]; vexp='seven eight nine eight zero eight one five eight three four three double seven zero two three six four six three four four nine zero two one three double zero eight nine zero double seven two five one nine five double four eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

18   Pass
zstr='437260442554900624648844197922288914270446'; zv=[11 6 9 6 3 1 3 2 1 ]; vexp='four three seven two six zero double four two double five four nine double zero six two four six four double eight double four one nine seven nine triple two eight eight nine one four two seven zero double four six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

19   Pass
zstr='2789225013517271635527397201226697731452904643719381232152395186872927418002375223547884014744'; zv=[5 9 7 2 15 1 6 4 8 9 9 3 7 5 4 ]; vexp='two seven eight nine two two five zero one three five one seven two seven one six three double five two seven three nine seven two zero one double two double six nine double seven three one four five two nine zero four six four three seven one nine three eight one two three two one five two three nine five one eight six eight seven two nine two seven four one eight double zero two three seven five double two three five four seven double eight four zero one four seven double four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

20   Pass
zstr='745443046641006460911871735664538092408084394952066353448004450489821840381778094629976796'; zv=[9 1 15 14 15 8 14 7 3 2 1 1 ]; vexp='seven four five double four three zero four six six four one double zero six four six zero nine double one eight seven one seven three five double six four five three eight zero nine two four zero eight zero eight four three nine four nine five two zero double six three five three double four eight double zero double four five zero four eight nine eight two one eight four zero three eight one seven seven eight zero nine four six two double nine seven six seven nine six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

21   Pass
zstr='9389581629278714115270272359258386234328448241872301648883'; zv=[15 3 1 13 6 5 7 5 3 ]; vexp='nine three eight nine five eight one six two nine two seven eight seven one four double one five two seven zero two seven two three five nine two five eight three eight six two three four three two eight double four eight two four one eight seven two three zero one six four eight double eight three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

22   Pass
zstr='638110728463471172123321819781344177341197656065297520823913148755582611608'; zv=[10 6 8 1 15 12 5 7 2 3 4 1 1 ]; vexp='six three eight double one zero seven two eight four six three four seven double one seven two one two double three two one eight one nine seven eight one three double four one double seven three four double one nine seven six five six zero six five two nine seven five two zero eight two three nine one three one four eight seven double five five eight two six double one six zero eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

23   Pass
zstr='1133185809510432'; zv=[15 1 ]; vexp='double one double three one eight five eight zero nine five one zero four three two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

24   Pass
zstr='238728670935325997878047006508522404463678112601608414215085957397966'; zv=[13 8 4 13 10 15 6 ]; vexp='two three eight seven two eight six seven zero nine three five three two five double nine seven eight seven eight zero four seven zero zero six five zero eight five double two four zero double four six three six seven eight double one two six zero one six zero eight four one four two one five zero eight five nine five seven three nine seven nine double six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

25   Pass
zstr='85658191899305236022867183837318073902283214947760248177452103132443861485891'; zv=[1 10 15 8 4 6 7 15 8 1 1 1 ]; vexp='eight five six five eight one nine one eight double nine three zero five two three six zero double two eight six seven one eight three eight three seven three one eight zero seven three nine zero two two eight three two one four nine four double seven six zero two four eight one double seven four five two one zero three one three two four four three eight six one four eight five eight nine one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

26   Pass
zstr='21770416464691789037472471701235435696232613781886745983083308143822448829'; zv=[2 8 11 10 8 14 6 11 1 1 1 1 ]; vexp='two one double seven zero four one six four six four six nine one seven eight nine zero three seven four seven two four seven one seven zero one two three five four three five six nine six two three two six one three seven eight one double eight six seven four five nine eight three zero eight three three zero eight one four three eight double two double four eight eight two nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

27   Pass
zstr='983249024136170290772296855218428763965301110152249'; zv=[2 15 14 15 4 1 ]; vexp='nine eight three two four nine zero two four one three six one seven zero two nine zero double seven double two nine six eight double five two one eight four two eight seven six three nine six five three zero triple one zero one five double two four nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

28   Pass
zstr='3480983214378717507995103066016574662185732516268288798294927774350570'; zv=[13 10 15 11 3 3 14 1 ]; vexp='three four eight zero nine eight three two one four three seven eight seven one seven five zero seven double nine five one zero three zero double six zero one six five seven four double six two one eight five seven three two five one six two six eight two double eight seven nine eight two nine four nine two triple seven four three five zero five seven zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

29   Pass
zstr='839728044162856119809065784052255130156664'; zv=[9 7 10 15 1 ]; vexp='eight three nine seven two eight zero double four one six two eight five six one one nine eight zero nine zero six five seven eight four zero five double two double five one three zero one five triple six four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

30   Pass
zstr='1299716932675600468864013262733864936641800591739546149687053359054618'; zv=[5 7 14 1 12 3 14 6 4 2 1 1 ]; vexp='one two double nine seven one six nine three two six seven five six double zero four six double eight six four zero one three two six two seven double three eight six four nine three double six four one eight zero zero five nine one seven three nine five four six one four nine six eight seven zero five double three five nine zero five four six one eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

31   Pass
zstr='7896269726657598138802619158139810768633428179202282443571484595761847181128041281628185246'; zv=[2 7 8 5 6 6 11 9 5 10 12 3 7 ]; vexp='seven eight nine six two six nine seven two double six five seven five nine eight one three double eight zero two six one nine one five eight one three nine eight one zero seven six eight six double three four two eight one seven nine two zero double two eight two double four three five seven one four eight four five nine five seven six one eight four seven one eight double one two eight zero four one two eight one six two eight one eight five two four six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

32   Pass
zstr='477658486684842559974665174626263159299857463838945503033'; zv=[11 11 6 14 10 2 3 ]; vexp='four double seven six five eight four eight double six eight four eight four two double five double nine seven four six six five one seven four six two six two six three one five nine two double nine eight five seven four six three eight three eight nine four double five zero three zero double three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

33   Pass
zstr='06875538368304839162889133713'; zv=[3 10 1 14 1 ]; vexp='zero six eight seven double five three eight three six eight three zero four eight three nine one six two double eight nine one double three seven one three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

34   Pass
zstr='45256104997445504657800410480176721551263917689055037098246476060427763254223140'; zv=[14 10 11 2 3 5 12 15 1 4 2 1 ]; vexp='four five two five six one zero four double nine seven double four five five zero four six five seven eight double zero four one zero four eight zero one seven six seven two one double five one two six three nine one seven six eight nine zero double five zero three seven zero nine eight two four six four seven six zero six zero four two double seven six three two five four double two three one four zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

35   Pass
zstr='6500507266637983912546668295413265536254049737120594152282943472025861287250184'; zv=[3 9 4 9 13 7 7 15 10 1 1 ]; vexp='six five zero zero five zero seven two triple six three seven nine eight three nine one two five four triple six eight two nine five four one three two six double five three six two five four zero four nine seven three seven one two zero five nine four one five double two eight two nine four three four seven two zero two five eight six one two eight seven two five zero one eight four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

36   Pass
zstr='90536923431844238372096379800359312024577754107934353901'; zv=[9 14 14 11 5 3 ]; vexp='nine zero five three six nine two three four three one eight double four two three eight three seven two zero nine six three seven nine eight double zero three five nine three one two zero two four five triple seven five four one zero seven nine three four three five three nine zero one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

37   Pass
zstr='194851729139154581103404918805045722094939046615745185586389015707908521547319803514384134067'; zv=[6 4 13 10 9 14 6 11 3 9 2 2 3 1 ]; vexp='one nine four eight five one seven two nine one three nine one five four five eight double one zero three four zero four nine one double eight zero five zero four five seven double two zero nine four nine three nine zero four double six one five seven four five one eight double five eight six three eight nine zero one five seven zero seven nine zero eight five two one five four seven three one nine eight zero three five one four three eight four one three four zero six seven'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

38   Pass
zstr='7180221794361'; zv=[3 7 3 ]; vexp='seven one eight zero double two one seven nine four three six one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

39   Pass
zstr='328104734424917711259192901583138150643217809'; zv=[3 8 8 15 5 5 1 ]; vexp='three two eight one zero four seven three double four two four nine one double seven double one two five nine one nine two nine zero one five eight three one three eight one five zero six four three two one seven eight zero nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

40   Pass
zstr='4012446744'; zv=[8 1 1 ]; vexp='four zero one two double four six seven four four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

41   Pass
zstr='75159567609950672038714189757246751900662587864067030579646570165557726996672'; zv=[13 15 11 7 1 15 8 3 4 ]; vexp='seven five one five nine five six seven six zero double nine five zero six seven two zero three eight seven one four one eight nine seven five seven two four six seven five one nine double zero six six two five eight seven eight six four zero six seven zero three zero five seven nine six four six five seven zero one six triple five double seven two six double nine double six seven two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

42   Pass
zstr='3799620377074233419333355599242743805155864309640885130882726110701418994547411411126234428060'; zv=[7 9 1 15 13 7 8 15 8 2 6 3 ]; vexp='three seven double nine six two zero three double seven zero seven four two double three four one nine quadruple three triple five double nine two four two seven four three eight zero five one double five eight six four three zero nine six four zero double eight five one three zero double eight two seven two six double one zero seven zero one four one eight double nine four five four seven four double one four triple one two six two three double four two eight zero six zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

43   Pass
zstr='4044617922891601574869890265644168731524925085154541620867323759734908590210726392474762696192267779'; zv=[11 10 11 14 12 2 4 1 11 7 10 2 1 4 ]; vexp='four zero double four six one seven nine double two eight nine one six zero one five seven four eight six nine eight nine zero two six five six double four one six eight seven three one five two four nine two five zero eight five one five four five four one six two zero eight six seven three two three seven five nine seven three four nine zero eight five nine zero two one zero seven two six three nine two four seven four seven six two six nine six one nine double two six triple seven nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

44   Pass
zstr='496013127684385845636701597670212145677337967472957547809568709115873526515'; zv=[3 3 8 7 2 10 9 4 15 9 5 ]; vexp='four nine six zero one three one two seven six eight four three eight five eight four five six three six seven zero one five nine seven six seven zero two one two one four five six double seven double three seven nine six seven four seven two nine five seven five four seven eight zero nine five six eight seven zero nine double one five eight seven three five two six five one five'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

45   Pass
zstr='820821167030568093577157791027439613729645803722099835506620383'; zv=[10 5 12 5 9 7 12 1 1 1 ]; vexp='eight two zero eight two double one six seven zero three zero five six eight zero nine three five double seven one five double seven nine one zero two seven four three nine six one three seven two nine six four five eight zero three seven double two zero double nine eight three double five zero double six two zero three eight three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

46   Pass
zstr='408657487448884114668701663855295152810754544275633734090577026733934929585122688051672821523'; zv=[9 12 14 7 13 4 11 14 5 1 1 2 ]; vexp='four zero eight six five seven four eight seven double four triple eight four double one four double six eight seven zero one double six three eight double five two nine five one five two eight one zero seven five four five double four two seven five six double three seven three four zero nine zero five seven seven zero two six seven double three nine three four nine two nine five eight five one double two six double eight zero five one six seven two eight two one five two three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

47   Pass
zstr='83666830362426720310982782694422780383449883455418709'; zv=[12 1 5 6 9 9 3 2 5 1 ]; vexp='eight three triple six eight three zero three six two four two six seven two zero three one zero nine eight two seven eight two six nine double four double two seven eight zero three eight three double four nine eight eight three four double five four one eight seven zero nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

48   Pass
zstr='70'; zv=[2 ]; vexp='seven zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

49   Pass
zstr='65766688929471206192343267171090766327239398418349595012751051227962607'; zv=[3 11 13 6 13 11 9 5 ]; vexp='six five seven triple six double eight nine two nine four seven one two zero six one nine two three four three two six seven one seven one zero nine zero seven double six three two seven two three nine three nine eight four one eight three four nine five nine five zero one two seven five one zero five one double two seven nine six two six zero seven'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

50   Pass
zstr='48133338660378550326078225767453276529'; zv=[11 14 13 ]; vexp='four eight one quadruple three eight double six zero three seven eight double five zero three two six zero seven eight double two five seven six seven four five three two seven six five two nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

51   Pass
zstr='36891843662484180026365939189054753849425696106318144849957054540856'; zv=[1 5 14 8 6 13 11 4 2 3 1 ]; vexp='three six eight nine one eight four three double six two four eight four one eight double zero two six three six five nine three nine one eight nine zero five four seven five three eight four nine four two five six nine six one zero six three one eight one double four eight four double nine five seven zero five four five four zero eight five six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

52   Pass
zstr='34612462486594272419457058352837598957197066493857794521556931700796417114875'; zv=[4 3 13 11 10 4 7 7 6 8 4 ]; vexp='three four six one two four six two four eight six five nine four two seven two four one nine four five seven zero five eight three five two eight three seven five nine eight nine five seven one nine seven zero double six four nine three eight five double seven nine four five two one double five six nine three one seven double zero seven nine six four one seven double one four eight seven five'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

53   Pass
zstr='589307734140137421765302377855535665358764079941118868097'; zv=[5 11 10 15 1 13 1 1 ]; vexp='five eight nine three zero double seven three four one four zero one three seven four two one seven six five three zero two three seven seven eight triple five three five double six five three five eight seven six four zero seven double nine four triple one double eight six eight zero nine seven'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

54   Pass
zstr='3672631606882947123107630174376653028408088502237547432460099875379219240390535201264402423'; zv=[12 1 6 4 1 9 13 15 7 12 6 2 3 ]; vexp='three six seven two six three one six zero six double eight two nine four seven one two three one zero seven six three zero one seven four three seven double six five three zero two eight four zero eight zero double eight five zero two two three seven five four seven four three two four six double zero double nine eight seven five three seven nine two one nine two four zero three nine zero five three five two zero one two six double four zero two four two three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

55   Pass
zstr='071297839181663799718842689232241580363293469938821908366311'; zv=[8 9 3 4 4 1 4 9 15 2 1 ]; vexp='zero seven one two nine seven eight three nine one eight one double six three seven nine nine seven one double eight four two six eight nine two three double two four one five eight zero three six three two nine three four six double nine three double eight two one nine zero eight three double six three one one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

56   Pass
zstr='76980639645671034156972091320389208'; zv=[5 9 7 9 2 2 1 ]; vexp='seven six nine eight zero six three nine six four five six seven one zero three four one five six nine seven two zero nine one three two zero three eight nine two zero eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

57   Pass
zstr='5521307963254865684315120841260812155841496873543096528814951132569054'; zv=[13 5 14 11 13 8 1 3 2 ]; vexp='double five two one three zero seven nine six three two five four eight six five six eight four three one five one two zero eight four one two six zero eight one two one double five eight four one four nine six eight seven three five four three zero nine six five two double eight one four nine five double one three two five six nine zero five four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

58   Pass
zstr='9288'; zv=[2 1 1 ]; vexp='nine two eight eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

59   Pass
zstr='0477182564467935086'; zv=[15 3 1 ]; vexp='zero four double seven one eight two five six double four six seven nine three five zero eight six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

60   Pass
zstr='1433203960656799099205210173223686919427402173272324965993447708611755416843183525933643187989942239'; zv=[8 10 1 14 8 13 15 6 1 13 8 3 ]; vexp='one four double three two zero three nine six zero six five six seven double nine zero nine nine two zero five two one zero one seven three double two three six eight six nine one nine four two seven four zero two one seven three two seven two three two four nine six five double nine three double four double seven zero eight six double one seven five five four one six eight four three one eight three five two five nine double three six four three one eight seven nine eight double nine four two two three nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

61   Pass
zstr='82446767675781104095354046763771917813590078380710445861437926027908370597627610'; zv=[9 1 2 4 4 3 2 15 14 9 4 6 1 5 1 ]; vexp='eight two double four six seven six seven six seven five seven eight double one zero four zero nine five three five four zero four six seven six three double seven one nine one seven eight one three five nine double zero seven eight three eight zero seven one zero double four five eight six one four three seven nine two six zero two seven nine zero eight three seven zero five nine seven six two seven six one zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

62   Pass
zstr='305859569860086103046061825673705281159146364994491117222909271811137063811520971285027239387660793'; zv=[12 2 7 15 6 3 1 6 3 8 7 10 5 10 4 ]; vexp='three zero five eight five nine five six nine eight six zero zero eight six one zero three zero four six zero six one eight two five six seven three seven zero five two eight one one five nine one four six three six four nine nine double four nine double one one seven two double two nine zero nine two seven one eight triple one three seven zero six three eight double one five two zero nine seven one two eight five zero two seven two three nine three eight seven double six zero seven nine three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

63   Pass
zstr='5190986793820061002'; zv=[8 7 4 ]; vexp='five one nine zero nine eight six seven nine three eight two double zero six one double zero two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

64   Pass
zstr='732818804656837051738362946791984298270657440266341399683255575214033229065283049378339674351'; zv=[10 3 8 14 3 4 13 7 3 4 14 9 1 ]; vexp='seven three two eight one double eight zero four six five six eight three seven zero five one seven three eight three six two nine four six seven nine one nine eight four two nine eight two seven zero six five seven double four zero two double six three four one three double nine six eight three two triple five seven five two one four zero double three double two nine zero six five two eight three zero four nine three seven eight double three nine six seven four three five one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

65   Pass
zstr='22878757492589018002205051162666163148087357471571794221657045672188988933603952144766843'; zv=[7 10 8 14 13 5 11 4 15 1 1 ]; vexp='double two eight seven eight seven five seven four nine two five eight nine zero one eight double zero double two zero five zero five double one six two triple six one six three one four eight zero eight seven three five seven four seven one five seven one seven nine four double two one six five seven zero four five six seven two one double eight nine double eight nine double three six zero three nine five two one double four seven double six eight four three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

66   Pass
zstr='68748245479848622009943617274780676690467343336858764026953343'; zv=[1 11 14 3 10 13 5 1 1 2 1 ]; vexp='six eight seven four eight two four five four seven nine eight four eight six double two double zero double nine four three six one seven two seven four seven eight zero six seven double six nine zero four six seven three four triple three six eight five eight seven six four zero two six nine five three three four three'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

67   Pass
zstr='812443820860567150296801089721522978252459617325444234454527699088834091962915459804249813572793576'; zv=[2 8 1 1 15 4 8 14 1 10 8 8 15 1 2 1 ]; vexp='eight one two double four three eight two zero eight six zero five six seven one five zero two nine six eight zero one zero eight nine seven two one five double two nine seven eight two five two four five nine six one seven three two five triple four two three four four five four five two seven six double nine zero triple eight three four zero nine one nine six two nine one five four five nine eight zero four two four nine eight one three five seven two seven nine three five seven six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

68   Pass
zstr='00993661068572459991536596938758768256572549986877220'; zv=[9 11 7 7 12 7 ]; vexp='double zero double nine three double six one zero six eight five seven two four five triple nine one five three six five nine six nine three eight seven five eight seven six eight two five six five seven two five four double nine eight six eight double seven double two zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

69   Pass
zstr='27715163656297176275418439056931612320615454463000744707732526889213294949588908195775568'; zv=[15 2 13 1 3 6 2 15 4 1 10 9 7 1 ]; vexp='two double seven one five one six three six five six two nine seven one seven six two seven five four one eight four three nine zero five six nine three one six one two three two zero six one five four five double four six three triple zero seven double four seven zero double seven three two five two six double eight nine two one three two nine four nine four nine five double eight nine zero eight one nine five double seven double five six eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

70   Pass
zstr='66836591190528744386233121519205009660791065830470'; zv=[9 10 6 12 13 ]; vexp='double six eight three six five nine double one nine zero five two eight seven double four three eight six two double three one two one five one nine two zero five double zero nine double six zero seven nine one zero six five eight three zero four seven zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

71   Pass
zstr='9908105226888800867627299504353445485000888760967649670742'; zv=[5 6 8 5 2 10 6 7 3 3 3 ]; vexp='double nine zero eight one zero five double two six eight triple eight double zero eight six seven six two seven two nine nine five zero four three five three double four five four eight five triple zero double eight eight seven six zero nine six seven six four nine six seven zero seven four two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

72   Pass
zstr='23013192041633596995161673827352665194498573133742450639121977'; zv=[14 9 11 9 10 5 4 ]; vexp='two three zero one three one nine two zero four one six double three five nine six double nine five one six one six seven three eight two seven three five two double six five one nine double four nine eight five seven three one double three seven four two four five zero six three nine one two one nine double seven'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

73   Pass
zstr='561876161628602626933868362823471568496758529903516004832334874950999565539'; zv=[2 14 12 12 1 3 10 14 1 5 1 ]; vexp='five six one eight seven six one six one six two eight six zero two six two six nine double three eight six eight three six two eight two three four seven one five six eight four nine six seven five eight five two double nine zero three five one six double zero four eight three two double three four eight seven four nine five zero double nine nine five six double five three nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

74   Pass
zstr='0659336967718923857487379930716973116724796708015053702806099696109'; zv=[15 10 2 5 12 9 11 2 1 ]; vexp='zero six five nine double three six nine six double seven one eight nine two three eight five seven four eight seven three seven nine nine three zero seven one six nine seven three double one six seven two four seven nine six seven zero eight zero one five zero five three seven zero two eight zero six zero double nine six nine six one zero nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

75   Pass
zstr='2544353234854864102426825493629094429744221828448703587259611510954048582897631523802527480763958'; zv=[9 9 5 9 1 11 2 9 5 4 1 10 12 10 ]; vexp='two five double four three five three two three four eight five four eight six four one zero two four two six eight two five four nine three six two nine zero nine double four two nine seven double four double two one eight two eight double four eight seven zero three five eight seven two five nine six one one five one zero nine five four zero four eight five eight two eight nine seven six three one five two three eight zero two five two seven four eight zero seven six three nine five eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

76   Pass
zstr='743482174037207702159915214008'; zv=[2 10 10 7 1 ]; vexp='seven four three four eight two one seven four zero three seven two zero double seven zero two one five double nine one five two one four double zero eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

77   Pass
zstr='971685936861297496680545'; zv=[2 1 3 3 8 3 2 2 ]; vexp='nine seven one six eight five nine three six eight six one two nine seven four nine double six eight zero five four five'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

78   Pass
zstr='06384119765848786807703567200612243886752458257039700258908161'; zv=[10 1 12 5 9 7 1 8 5 2 2 ]; vexp='zero six three eight four double one nine seven six five eight four eight seven eight six eight zero double seven zero three five six seven two zero zero six one double two four three double eight six seven five two four five eight two five seven zero three nine seven double zero two five eight nine zero eight one six one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

79   Pass
zstr='661888688696858666215517613281167258136127005883725278169489607542378190912692984613629598'; zv=[12 6 4 10 8 13 9 12 8 2 2 3 1 ]; vexp='double six one triple eight six double eight six nine six eight five eight triple six two one double five one seven six one three two eight double one six seven two five eight one three six one two seven double zero five double eight three seven two five two seven eight one six nine four eight nine six zero seven five four two three seven eight one nine zero nine one two six nine two nine eight four six one three six two nine five nine eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

80   Pass
zstr='11869488318253809620396499'; zv=[8 8 4 4 2 ]; vexp='double one eight six nine four double eight three one eight two five three eight zero nine six two zero three nine six four double nine'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

81   Pass
zstr='3247242326877973396352267916489703639981791'; zv=[10 6 9 1 14 3 ]; vexp='three two four seven two four two three two six eight double seven nine seven three three nine six three five double two six seven nine one six four eight nine seven zero three six three double nine eight one seven nine one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

82   Pass
zstr='8446827840499583394994945831973919523300569749298887484989096588752282260'; zv=[13 4 10 14 13 11 8 ]; vexp='eight double four six eight two seven eight four zero four double nine five eight double three nine four double nine four nine four five eight three one nine seven three nine one nine five two double three double zero five six nine seven four nine two nine triple eight seven four eight four nine eight nine zero nine six five double eight seven five double two eight double two six zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

83   Pass
zstr='411450'; zv=[3 2 1 ]; vexp='four double one four five zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

84   Pass
zstr='4392336769670743812140126277793124578244122498979213427064735267724740372712'; zv=[11 12 7 15 6 5 10 5 4 1 ]; vexp='four three nine two double three six seven six nine six seven zero seven four three eight one two one four zero one two six two triple seven nine three one two four five seven eight two double four one double two four nine eight nine seven nine two one three four two seven zero six four seven three five two six double seven two four seven four zero three seven two seven one two'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

85   Pass
zstr='787130205914703441344904'; zv=[5 6 7 4 1 1 ]; vexp='seven eight seven one three zero two zero five nine one four seven zero three double four one three double four nine zero four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

86   Pass
zstr='12774525496510270478837791597218598140900'; zv=[3 3 14 8 5 1 6 1 ]; vexp='one two seven seven four five two five four nine six five one zero two seven zero four seven eight eight three double seven nine one five nine seven two one eight five nine eight one four zero nine zero zero'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

87   Pass
zstr='8337240067278766126028792694666601545641'; zv=[1 3 2 9 7 3 12 3 ]; vexp='eight double three seven two four double zero six seven two seven eight seven six six one two six zero two eight seven nine two six nine four quadruple six zero one five four five six four one'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

88   Pass
zstr='07284423399956161619055960652374322967216'; zv=[3 1 12 6 10 8 1 ]; vexp='zero seven two eight double four two double three triple nine five six one six one six one nine zero five five nine six zero six five two three seven four three double two nine six seven two one six'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

89   Pass
zstr='014588023080298629688'; zv=[1 11 4 4 1 ]; vexp='zero one four five double eight zero two three zero eight zero two nine eight six two nine six eight eight'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

90   Pass
zstr='391932612615185460799778659969591684168549057796895984'; zv=[13 7 2 2 7 3 14 2 3 1 ]; vexp='three nine one nine three two six one two six one five one eight five four six zero seven nine nine seven seven eight six five double nine six nine five nine one six eight four one six eight five four nine zero five double seven nine six eight nine five nine eight four'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp))

91   Pass
zstr='85267068576145'; zv=[9 3 1 1 ]; vexp='eight five two six seven zero six eight five seven six one four five'; vstr=Phone_CH(zstr,zv); assert(strcmp(vstr,vexp)) toc

Elapsed time is 1.576881 seconds.