Problem 70. Alphabetize by last name

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Submitted on 25 Sep 2020 at 4:32
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
list = {'Barney Google','Snuffy Smith','Dagwood Bumstead'}; alpha_list = {'Dagwood Bumstead','Barney Google','Snuffy Smith'} assert(isequal(alphabetize(list),alpha_list))

alpha_list = 1×3 cell array {'Dagwood Bumstead'} {'Barney Google'} {'Snuffy Smith'} alpha_list = 1×3 string array "Dagwood Bumstead" "Barney Google" "Snuffy Smith"

2   Fail
list = {'Harry Truman' 'Dwight Eisenhower' 'John F. Kennedy' 'Lyndon Johnson' 'Richard Nixon' 'Gerald Ford' 'Cleve Moler' 'Ronald Reagan' 'George Bush' 'Bill Clinton' 'George Bush' 'Barack Obama'}; alpha_list = {'George Bush' 'George Bush' 'Bill Clinton' 'Dwight Eisenhower' 'Gerald Ford' 'Lyndon Johnson' 'John F. Kennedy' 'Cleve Moler' 'Richard Nixon' 'Barack Obama' 'Ronald Reagan' 'Harry Truman'} assert(isequal(alphabetize(list),alpha_list))

alpha_list = 12×1 cell array {'George Bush' } {'George Bush' } {'Bill Clinton' } {'Dwight Eisenhower'} {'Gerald Ford' } {'Lyndon Johnson' } {'John F. Kennedy' } {'Cleve Moler' } {'Richard Nixon' } {'Barack Obama' } {'Ronald Reagan' } {'Harry Truman' } alpha_list = 12×1 string array "George Bush" "George Bush" "Bill Clinton" "Dwight Eisenhower" "John F. Kennedy" "Gerald Ford" "Lyndon Johnson" "Cleve Moler" "Richard Nixon" "Barack Obama" "Ronald Reagan" "Harry Truman"

Assertion failed.

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