Chen Lin

Check out the new features in R2021b and share your experience with the community

Chen Lin on 24 Sep 2021

R2021b is live! There are two new products, five major updates, and hundreds of other feature updates in this latest release. Download or access MATLAB Online to discover what’s new.

New Products

Major Updates

  • Lidar Toolbox - Use Lidar Viewer app to visualize, analyze, and preprocess lidar point clouds interactively
  • Simulink Code Inspector - Use Code Inspector contextual tab to check compatibility, inspect code and view results directly in the model
  • Simulink Control Design - Design Model Reference Adaptive Controllers
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox - Get guidance for symbolic workflows with next-step suggestions in MATLAB Live Editor
  • Wavelet Toolbox - Use wavelet analysis to process and extract features for signals and images for AI workflows

Check out our release highlight page for details.

Share your experience with the community

Are there any new features you find particularly useful? Are you trying the new product to solve a particular problem? Share your story with us no matter it’s big or small. We plan to publish those stories in the highlight channel so that community users can get more out of the new release. A good example is an article written by Adam Danz . If you are interested, contact me via email on my profile card.

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