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MATLAB Mini Hack contest starts. Win $300 gift card and customized T-shirts!

Chen Lin on 4 Oct 2021 (Edited on 14 Oct 2021)
Latest activity Edit by Teodo on 17 Oct 2021

As part of MATLAB Central’s 20 year anniversary celebration, we created the MATLAB Mini Hack . The contest starts today on Oct. 4th!

What to do?

Generate an interesting image using up to 280 characters of MATLAB code.

Who can play?

Participants across all skill levels are welcome. Create original entries of your own code, remix others’ entries and make them your own, or simply vote on ENTRIES you love!

How to win prizes?

Those at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the contest will win up to $300 Amazon gift cards, 5 customized T-shirts, or special badges. Visit the prizes section on the contest page for more information.

To add more fun, we will award RANDOM PRIZES that every participant has a chance to win.

  • Each week, we will pick 5 players who participate in both the Treasure Hunt and MATLAB Mini Hack .
  • Each week, we will have different surprise giveaways.

Important Notes

  • The first week (Oct. 4th, 2021 ~ Oct. 10th 2021) is for creating entries only. Voting starts on Week 2.
  • Make sure you follow the contests (click the ‘follow the contests’ button on the top) to get notified when prizes are awarded and of other important announcements.

We hope you are the winner!

Stewart Thomas
Stewart Thomas on 16 Oct 2021

Anyway we could request more execution time? I have a really nice one, but the 55s is tanking things!

Stewart Thomas
Stewart Thomas on 16 Oct 2021

I did the best I could. I'm happy to remix with a bit more time :)


Teodo on 15 Oct 2021 (Edited on 17 Oct 2021)

Unfortunately, some people are presenting some really trivial entries - further they do it multiple times, and those "uninteresting" entries receive relatively high count of votes...

More, the premises and foundation of contest - regarding multiple entries, and the idea of voting between participants :-) for each other, is flawed in it's core (respect for the few honorable ones).

The good will in making this contest by MathWorks is appreciated, though.

Edit: How is possible that some people have more votes than views? What is appreciated in that particular situation/entry - the look, the code (?), the colors :-), etc. Please, don't get me wrong, but here is the point - missed.

Edit 2: This: "or simply vote on ENTRIES you love!", is added - on this page, after my comment. Just a fair clarification.

David Alejandro Lugo Gamez
David Alejandro Lugo Gamez on 7 Oct 2021

Yo no entiendo lo que están pidiendo. ¿Cómo así que una imagen? ¿Dónde se visualizaría?

Adi Natan
Adi Natan on 5 Oct 2021

Just learned that the use of sym is not allowed, not so clear from the "Use up to 280 characters of MATLAB code"...

For the sake of the fun I had, here is my 273 characters code of the Tupper's formula for MATLAB !

    imagesc(circshift(int8(rem(floor(((y+k)/17).*2.^(-17*x-rem((y+k), 17))),2)),[6,9]))
    axis equal off
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 5 Oct 2021

Have you created an entry in the contest? https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/communitycontests/contests/4/entries/new

Adi Natan
Adi Natan on 5 Oct 2021

yes I tried, when "running" the code it prompts that sym requires the symbolic math toolbox. It wasn't clear from the contest terms and restricted functions that no toolboxes are allowed...

Aqeel Iqbal
Aqeel Iqbal on 5 Oct 2021

can 1 person provide multiple entries?

Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 5 Oct 2021

Yes. You can create as many entries as you want

Pink_panther on 4 Oct 2021

Does 280 character includes space

Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 4 Oct 2021

Space is counted.

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