Chen Lin

Vote on interesting MATLAB animations and win MATLAB T-shirts!

Chen Lin on 27 Nov 2023 (Edited on 27 Nov 2023)
Latest activity Reply by Josh on 27 Nov 2023

What amazing animations can be created with no more than 2000 characters of MATLAB code? Check out our GALLERY from the MATLAB Flipbook Mini Hack contest.
Vote on your favorite animations before Dec. 3rd. We will give out MATLAB T-shirts to 10 lucky voters!
Tips: the more you vote, the higher your chance to win.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 27 Nov 2023
⚠️Warning! This contest is addictive and easy to participate in ⚠️
Josh on 27 Nov 2023
hahaha for real for real...i'm already feeling sad the contest is going to be ending soon, has me wanting to find some community groups that stay active with these types of things