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Introducing Skill Endorsements: A New Way to Show Your Appreciation!

Chen Lin on 12 Jan 2024 (Edited on 24 Jan 2024)
Latest activity Reply by MAHENDRAN A on 24 Jan 2024

Hello, Community Members!
Every day, we witness the incredible exchange of knowledge as over 100,000 users visit our community for answers or to get some code. We have such a vibrant community because of the dedicated group of contributors who volunteer their time and expertise to help one another.
We learned that many community users are looking for different ways to show their appreciation to contributors. In response, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature – Skill Endorsements.
When you visit a contributor's profile page, you'll notice a brand-new 'Endorsements' tab. Here, you have the power to acknowledge the skills of your fellow members by either endorsing a new skill or bolstering existing ones.
But it's more than just saying "thank you." By highlighting the strengths of our members, you're contributing to an environment of trust and making it easier for users to connect with experts in specific areas.
So, take a moment to reflect: Who has made a difference in your community experience? Whose expertise has guided you through a challenge? Show your appreciation and support their contributions – start endorsing skills today!
Your participation makes all the difference.
Warm regards,
MATLAB Central Community Team
MAHENDRAN A on 24 Jan 2024
It really looks good and motivating people.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Jan 2024 (Edited on 16 Jan 2024)
Fantastic feature!
It just takes 1 answer or comment to potentially help 10s, 100s, or every 1000s of people and this is a great way to provide feedback to those contributors who have been helpful.
For some of the frequent volunteers, it's hard to choose just 1 skill to endorse! Here's a trick I just realized that might be helpful in those cases.
If you search the Answers forum for answered_by:"<profile name>" or contributor:"profile name" the search results will contain content by that author.
Then, use the categories on the left of the page to see what areas they typically address. For example, I searched for content from one of my colleagues and then clicked on the "MATLAB" category (image below). Unsurprisingly, Ben has answered a lot of questions involved Graphics, App Building, and Language fundamentals and I've seen enough of his content to know that any of those areas are indeed skills worth endorcement.
You can keep clicking on the subcategories to drill down to more specific categories.
I hope that helps if anyone else found themselves stuck on choosing a topic like I was.

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