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Google Ranking

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Check the ranking of a web page in Google


Updated 24 May 2006

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Check the ranking of a web page in Google? . This is a search engine optimization tool. Googleranking is an optimized routine to determine the exact ranking of your web page using Google. On the web there are similar routines (see for example) but these algorithms can introduce errors and approximations.

The ranking of your web page depends on the keywords you have chosen but also on the selected language. Insert en for english language. Other possible choices are available here

Also the number of results for page has a small impact on final result but in most cases it is negligible.
This value has to be not greater than 100. For faster results you may limit your search to a given number.
This value can not be greater than 1000 results.

Copy all unzipped files in Matlab current directory and type "googleranking" on Matlab command window.

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