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Modified Rosin-Rammler Distribution

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Functions for manipulating or fitting data with the modified Rosin-Rammler distribution.


Updated 21 Mar 2007

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Useful functions for manipulating and fitting data using the modified Rosin-Rammler distribution.

These functions are pretty straightforward, and are provided primarily as a simple, useful curve-fitting example. Much of the code is adapted directly from the "fitcurvedemo" detailed in the MatLab help files.

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DS (2020). Modified Rosin-Rammler Distribution (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jakub Broukal

I have to apologize, my fingers where faster than my mind - the correction above is wrong.

Jakub Broukal

Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. Just one minor mistake in the file mRosinRammlerPDF.m

y = (exp(-((log(X)./log(D)).^q))...
.* q...
.* ((log(X)./log(D)).^q))... => here should be .^(q-1)
.* (1./(X .* log(X)));


Fixed the html nonsense, no changes to the functions.

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