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Paste one image over another with an offset, expanding first image as necessary.

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Updated 06 Jul 2007

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Simple function to write one image matrix over another using a given "origin" pixel and an offset vector. If the pasted image extends beyond the bounds of the base image, the base image is padded using the built-in function PADARRAY.

I = imagepatch(image1,image2,...
[originx originy],[offsetx offsety]) returns a new image containing image1 overwritten by image 2 at the location
specified by the offset and origin coordinates.

[I origin] = imagepatch(im1,im2,...
[origin_x origin_y],[offset_x offset_y])
returns a new image, I, and a vector, origin, containing the pixel coordinates corresponding to the origin in the new image.

I = imagepatch(im1,im2,...
[origin_x origin_y],...
[offset_x offset_y],padval)
returns a new image, where padval specifies the padding value used by
PADARRAY if it is necessary to expand im1 to accomodate im2 at the offset

moon = imread('moon.tif');
pout = imread('pout.tif');
%origin at center
origin = round(flipdim(...
offset = [200 250];

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