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Sigma-Delta ADC, From Behavioral Model to Verilog and VHDL

version (473 KB) by Ali Behboodian
Model-Based Design of a Sigma-Delta ADC, from behavioral model to VHDL code.


Updated 01 Oct 2007

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For a full description of the models, refer to the September 2007 MATLAB Digest article.

We present a series of Simulink models to design a high-level behavioral model of a Sigma-Delta ADC. The high-level behavioral model has an Analog section and a Digital section that comprises a digital filter. We partition the digital filter into three cascade filters that use a total of 10 times less filter coefficients than the original filter. We then elaborate the first filter in the cascade in such a way that it requires no multiplications for implementation. We convert our design to fixed-point. We then proceed to generate VHDL code for our elaborated filter using Simulink HDL coder. This is an example of Model-Based Design.

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how to download these files


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error:Object parameter contains an invalid handle.
why? confused


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Neetha John

good code



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excellent work

Sushant singh

nice work

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CBNU IDEC 11th Sejin

I love you!!!

Thanks for making~

zhang jedi

good, i like it

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ok good

Seb Cheung

When I tried simulating I get
Message: Internal Error,
Reported by : Stateflow,
Summary: Syntax error in propery name

Message: Model error
reported by: Simulink
Summary: Error using==>Stateflow\private\slsf at 88Syntax error in property name

Jayashree Rajagpoal

G wei

It is very good for mr

Jun Wang



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Sandor Szikora

Deepak Manikandan

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deepti patro


Achraf Dhayni

I obtain this error msg:
Object parameter contains an invalid handle.

Please tell me why, and how to solve it.

shriniwash Yadav

Alok Kumar

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Anthony G. Marino

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Inspired: SIMULINK Sigma-Delta Toolbox

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