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HTML folder +Index.html: Shows function/global dependancies

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Parses m files, determines your codes function/global var dependencies, publishes *.m & index.html t

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Updated 19 Sep 2008

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Developed to enable uses to quickly publish directories of code and details of the cross function and global variable dependancies.

Details: Using the freely avalable grep tool this function parses m files in the current directory.
- It will determine all the global variables used by the various files so it is easy to check for overlaps of possible conflicts.
- It will also show which functions (scripts) are called by others and which which function in this directory are called by your code.
- It then makes a html folder and documents subsiquently published code in an index.html file along with links to the published files.

Note: For best results and a valid desciption in index.html, setup your comments like this one (or my matlab RRT project which has a premade html folder) so you will have a valid description on the index.html page. Also name functions the same as the m file they are in.

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Gavin (2020). HTML folder +Index.html: Shows function/global dependancies (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Sebastian Kraus

I like this tool, because it is the only tool for easy publishing Matlab documentation.

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