Fortran mex routine mxGetClassName

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A drop-in replacement for the TMW Fortran API function mxGetClassName routine that does not work.


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The Mathworks supplied mxGetClassName routine for Fortran does not work. This routine is a drop-in replacement. The following syntax and description is similar to The Mathworks documentation, except that this drop-in replacement routine returns a fixed 128 length character string. This routine only works for mex routines, since it relies on the mexCallMATLAB function. Thus, it will not work for engine applications.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use my supplied version of the mxCopyPtrToCharacter routine, since the MATLAB supplied version in their API does not work. My version is listed at the end of the posted file.

Fortran Syntax

character*128 function mxGetClassName(pm)
mwPointer, intent(in) :: pm


#include "fintrf.h"



Pointer to any mxArray variable.


Call mxGetClassName to determine the class of an mxArray. The class of an mxArray identifies the kind of data the mxArray is holding. For example, if pm points to a logical mxArray, then mxGetClassName returns logical.

This drop-in replacement routine fills the trailing part of the return string with blanks.

In addition to the routine itself, I have included a test driver routine, test_mxGetClassName.f and an associated file test_mxGetClassName.m. After running mex -setup and selecting a Fortran compiler, simply issue the command test_mxGetClassName(variable) and the mex function will self-build and then execute.

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