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Linear Feedback Shift Register


Updated 11 Apr 2018

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Linear Feedback Shift Register
It includes 3 different versions, 1st one to check the properties, 2nd one, if you are interested in storing all the states of LSFR and 3rd, faster
You can check the examples at

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ahmed benalla


David Alldred

Very good but the way 'c' grows inside the loop makes it run slow for large runs.

Adding 'c = zeros(outputs,n);' right after the first line defining 'n=length(s)' made this this run 25x faster in my case.


Pablo (view profile)


Felix (view profile)

Very useful and easy to use for generating Pseudo random binary sequence.


Updating description of the faster ones


Including 3 versions, LSFRv3.m is faster, solving the issue of maximum recursion error

Now code include better explanation with example in it

Now LFSR is available as toolbox, in addition m file includes instruction to use it as well as more friendly to give you option to avoid verification process

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