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Pulse Code Modulation

version (1.81 KB) by Nikesh Bajaj
This program do all three process of PCM Sampling, Quantization and Encoding.


Updated 21 Feb 2011

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In this program, MSE, Step size, Bit rate, Quantization Noise are also calculated

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Nikesh Bajaj (2020). Pulse Code Modulation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (9)

ahmad bash

it sounds good

how can i watch it?


I realy appreciate your work.
I am unable to change the graph in the figure to see it properly, just like you did.

vo danh

Nikesh Bajaj

This error comes, if you don't define the value of fm, and you will keep on getting such errors if you don't pass the values of other parameters e.i pcm(A,fm,fs,n).
Remember this is function file , NOT a script file that you can simply click on run to execute program.

Error in ==> pcm at 16

can anyone solve this error?


thx very good!!

plot is very clear to undestand

Nice Improvement from the previous code
Hope you are doing research. Keep it up.
Keep going


This Program has been improved to show every this very clearly.....

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