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Caesar Cipher

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This is Program for Caesar Cipher encryption Technique.



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This is one of the Classical encryption Algorithm, Not secure one but good for teaching.

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its doesnt work sir, variable k>26 always error it said undifined variable k, what can i do?thanks

Chun Ho Tao

Bebo Nassar


Sir I also created one but not a function like yours...preferred script file instead..but functions are still better to thanks Sir..:)

Nikesh Bajaj

Nikesh Bajaj (view profile)

@min min: It is a function not a code, it will not work till you pass P and k to it in command window

@Tamir: It depends on what name you have used to save this file, will be called by that name only,
I have used this code to even encrypt 100 pages of text file, it is working fine
this is the result for what you asked
P='Hello World and Welcome to Matlab cryptogrpahy'
C=Khoor Zruog dqg Zhofrph wr Pdwode fubswrjusdkb

Tamir Suliman

What I did notice is when you extend it above 3 words it doesnt do the shift so its missing that part
try to run this code and you will understand what I meant :

P='Hello World and Welcome to Matlab cryptogrpahy'

Tamir Suliman

It should work if you use the caesar_E instead of caeasar I think the help files didnt express well how to use the function but its good try

Mr Smart

didn`t work...sir



Download as toolbox


Decryption file is updated, as it was giving error for some input

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