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Random Waypoint mobility model

version (3.68 KB) by Mathieu Boutin
Generates a random waypoint mobility scenario for any number of nodes. Animation included.


Updated 01 Apr 2011

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Three files: "test_Execute.m" is the file to run, "Generate_Mobility.m" generates a structure containing all needed information resulting from the random waypoint mobility model, and "test_Animate.m" gives the animation to make sure the mobility is fine.

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Mathieu Boutin (2020). Random Waypoint mobility model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Palash Roy

Thank you so much

Hi is there any way you can guide me how to define distance between this moving nodes?

Juma Ally

Thank You very for sample code
Hi, i want to compute the correlation matrix for the 20 nodes after the movement in 400 simulation time using power exponential model having correlation degree 1 and squared exponential 1 and 2



smd dast

When I run the file "Generate_Mobility.m", it gives me the following error. Error using Generate_Mobility (line 6), Not enough input arguments. What should I do?? Please Help

jun li

Error: File: Generate_Mobility.m Line: 187 Column: 1
The function "Out_setRestrictedWalk_random_waypoint" was closed with an 'end', but at least one other function definition was not.
To avoid confusion when using nested functions, it is illegal to use both conventions in the same file.

sara hamdy

can you help me if i want to add this mobility in number of cell and those node run in it and can move from one cell to another to calculate handover, and how i track this node in which cell is now,and if i want to change speed if node how i do that??

Bonjour Thang Ha. Assurer la distance minimale entre 2 usagers demanderait une modification importante à ce modèle. Vos usagers sont-ils attaché par une corde?

Thang Ha

bonjour, je voudrais ajouter des pairs d'utilisateur D2D (device-to-device) à votre modèle de mobilité, c'est-à-dire qu'il faut assurer la distance maximale entre 2 users dans un pair. J'espère que vous pouvez me donner quelques idées. Merci beaucoup!

sini mohano

has anyone tried this inside an hexagon cell layout? please share your inputs. thanks

sini mohano


Thank you very much


Hi, How do i trace the movement of the nodes using lines?



Thank you very much for the submission. Its just wonderful. In this, I have to add a constant Point on the same figure where the nodes are moving. Can you please guide me as to where to add the code snippet for placing a Base station (a point say "#") in the figure.
Thanks in advance !

Salma Sahel

Bien Le Duy

thanks very much.

Alireza H

Thank you , It was useful for me ;)


Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for this RWP model. I'm wondering if you've developed other mobility models in Matlab (such as Guass-Markov?)



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