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Modeling Biology with SimBiology: An Introduction for iGEM Teams

version (605 KB) by Fulden Buyukozturk
SimBiology model used in webinar: Modeling Biology with SimBiology: An Introduction for iGEM Teams


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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In this webinar, we introduced iGEM teams to SimBiology, a MATLAB-based tool for modeling, simulating and analyzing biological systems. Using the Repressilator [1] model as an example, we demonstrated key features:

- Graphical modeling environment
- Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and stochastic solvers
- Sensitivity analysis and parameter sweeps techniques
- Parameter estimation techniques
- Advanced analysis via custom analysis tasks written in MATLAB

[1] Michael B. Elowitz and Stanislas Leibler , A Synthetic Oscillatory Network of Transcriptional Regulators, Nature. 2000. Jan 20, 403(6767):335-8.

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