Dynamic Signal Analyzer 34411A

This program turns your DMM into a Dynamic Signal Analyzer.
Updated 20 Feb 2012

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The "Dynamic Signal Analyzer 34411A" program turns the following Agilent DMMs into Dynamic signal analyzers: 34411A, 34410A, and the L4411A.
The program sets up the DMMs as digitizers, fetches the readings, and performs an FFT on the readings. The FFT is plotted with dBV on the y axis and frequency on the x axis. A second plot is created for the time domain view of the signal with amplitude on the y axis and time on the x axis. The program connects to the DMM via LAN. The program takes the following instrument parameters:
IP address --> The LAN network address of the DMM for connecting and communicating with the DMM. The IP address of the DMM can be obtained from the DMM's "Utilities" menu.
Sample Rate --> Sets the sample digitizing rate of the DMM. The max sample rates of the 34411A and L4411A is 50,000 readings per second. The max sample rate of the 34410A is 10,000 readings per second. the minimum sample rate is 1.
Sample Count --> Sets the number of measurements made. The minimum measurement count is 10 and the max is 500,000. Note the 34410A can only make up to 50,000 readings.
Voltage Range --> sets the voltage measurement range of the DMM. The max voltage of the signal you are measuring must be equal or less than the measurement range. the ranges are .1 1 10 100 1000 volts
Start frequency --> The frequency that you want to start the FFT plot at on the X axis.
Stop frequency --> The frequency that you want to stop the FFT plot at on the X axis.
Since the 34411A and L4411A can sample up to 50K readings a second they can be used to measure signal frequencies up to 25 KHz (The 34410A up to 5 KHz). This makes the program a great tool for doing distortion analysis on a power line signal, audio signal, or vibration. Type "Signal_Analyzer_34411A" into the command line.
Any questions or comments email neil(underscore)forcier(at)agilent(dot)com
My blog: http://gpete-neil.blogspot.com/

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