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Generate a subdirectory listing from a path string.

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PATH_PARTS returns a listing of strings representing subdirectories parsed from a path string.

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Updated 29 Mar 2012

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A simple function that examines a string and returns a naive directory listing; no validity checks are made on subdirectory strings.

A = PATH_PARTS(S) returns a cell array of strings containing the sub-strings delimited by the system file separator.

[A,B] = PATH_PARTS(S) returns the directory strings parsed from the input string, S, where A is a cell array of strings, and B is a struct with a field representing each subdirectory.

[A,B,C] = PATH_PARTS(S) returns the directory strings determined from S in the cell array, A, the struct B, and as an array of strings with equal length.

Please note: There are many interesting submissions on FEX which provide much more sophisticated results and options for dealing with directories (see below).

#28442 - directory to cell
#1570 - dirdir
#1492 - Subdir
#3226 - Recursive directory listing-enhanced RDIR
#12180 - FileSeries
#28249 - GetFullPath

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Fixed the regular expression for filename exclusion.

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