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Get Local System Date Format

version (2.02 KB) by Ivan Smirnov
This function returns the local system date format as a MATLAB-friendly date pattern.

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Updated 27 Sep 2012

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- Works on both Windows and Mac OS.
- Returns a date pattern that can be used with built-in date-related functions like datenum, datestr etc.
- Can be used to automatically parse dates returned as locale-dependent strings via ADODB.

Usage example:
disp(datestr(today, getsystemdateformat))

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Ivan Smirnov (2020). Get Local System Date Format (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (4)

Nikolay Ampilogov

Vecta Matlab

Eden Weinberg

doesn't work properly for me.


Hai Ivan ,

Super , I get date format without delimiter when i using your m script .

How do I get delimiter of the date format ?

example :
system foramt - 1/23/2017
Get Output from your script - mm dd,yyyy

I need output like - dd/mm/yyyy

Thanks in Advance

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