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polyVal2D and polyFit2D

version (11.5 KB) by Mark Mikofski
Evaluate 2D polynomials using Horner's method. Fit 2D polynomials to data using backslash operator.


Updated 18 Apr 2013

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Often it's necessary to fit or evaluate a function with 2 dimensions. Use polyFit2D.m to fit a 2D polynomila to data and polyVal2D.m to evaluate it. Fun!

These functions are explained in detail here:

They are also hosted in a Gist on Github here:

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Briljant! Thank you so much! :)


'Degree must be smaller than number of data poiints.')

work also fine when Degree must be smaller "or equal" than number of data


Much better than the personal one I wrote.


now with polyDer2D.m

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