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2-D Tomographic Reconstruction Demo

version (668 KB) by Ligong Han
Matlab demo for 2-D tomographic reconstruction


Updated 23 Dec 2017

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There are two main methods for tomographic reconstruction: one is based on Radon transform and its inverse transform such as filtered back-projection (FBP), another is based on solving linear algebra equations such as algebraic reconstruction technique (ART).
This toolbox includes tools for creating projections and reconstructing the image from projections:
tomo_projection_2d, computes projections of a given image;
build_weight_matrix, builds weighting factor matrix used for algebraic methods;
tomo_reconstruction_bp, reconstructs the image from its projections using BP method;
tomo_reconstruction_fbp, reconstructs the image from its projections using FBP method;
tomo_reconstruction_sart, reconstructs the image from its projections using SART method;
tomo_reconstruction_lsqr, reconstructs the image from its projections, equations are solved by calling the build-in lsqr function.
See demo.m for details.

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Ligong Han (2020). 2-D Tomographic Reconstruction Demo (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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There are file dependencies (imtest and impad) that are not described in the scripts or documentation. Without these files, the functions cannot be run.

Nick Tsui

I am getting the following error:
two files are missing in the directory: imtest and bone01. Does anyone know where I could find these.

There are some missing functions as 'tomo_reconstruction_sart_im'. The demo cannot run easily.



I'm having trouble with the SART method, it doesn't converge when I try to run it. Does anyone have a demo like the one given for the ART method?

Why the method using ART/SART get images all black?

Chen Lin


Robust, concise, intelligible code for forward and backforward projection image reconstruction.
Greatly appreciate Dr. Han's efforts of writing this code.

Lei Fu


- removed art

- updates high-pass filter

Bug fixes in demo

- added a function 'imcrop_tomo' to crop the reconstructed image to the same size as the original image;
- enclosed a test function which illustrates the process of computing weighting factor matrix.

Change the diameter calculated in 'tomo_projection_2d' by adding 2, so that it will match the value computed from 'build_weight_matrix'.

- updated descriptions;
- fixed errors in art_solver.

- rearranged files
- rewrote demos
- added instructions

A more accurate method of building weight matrix

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