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2-D Tomographic Reconstruction Demo

version (678 KB) by Ligong Han
Matlab demo for 2-D tomographic reconstruction


Updated 13 Apr 2021

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There are two main methods for tomographic reconstruction: one is based on Radon transform and its inverse transform such as filtered back-projection (FBP), another is based on solving linear algebra equations such as algebraic reconstruction technique (ART).
This toolbox includes tools for creating projections and reconstructing the image from projections:
tomo_projection_2d, computes projections of a given image;
build_weight_matrix, builds weighting factor matrix used for algebraic methods;
tomo_reconstruction_bp, reconstructs the image from its projections using BP method;
tomo_reconstruction_fbp, reconstructs the image from its projections using FBP method;
tomo_reconstruction_sart, reconstructs the image from its projections using SART method;
tomo_reconstruction_lsqr, reconstructs the image from its projections, equations are solved by calling the build-in lsqr function.
See demo.m for details.

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Ligong Han (2021). 2-D Tomographic Reconstruction Demo (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)


Imtest is missing!!!

Shuang Wen

missing functions&files

Todd Hufnagel

There are file dependencies (imtest and impad) that are not described in the scripts or documentation. Without these files, the functions cannot be run.

Nick Tsui

Avinash Kumar

I am getting the following error:
two files are missing in the directory: imtest and bone01. Does anyone know where I could find these.

Joaquin Mura

There are some missing functions as 'tomo_reconstruction_sart_im'. The demo cannot run easily.



I'm having trouble with the SART method, it doesn't converge when I try to run it. Does anyone have a demo like the one given for the ART method?

Bingqing Zhang

Why the method using ART/SART get images all black?

Chen Lin


Robust, concise, intelligible code for forward and backforward projection image reconstruction.
Greatly appreciate Dr. Han's efforts of writing this code.

Lei Fu

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Created with R2012a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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